How to clean your tiles?


Resistant and easy to maintain, tiles remain a quality material to cover the floor of your house or apartment. However, over time, it can have a tendency to lose its shine and become dull. In this article, we will give you some tips and advice on how to clean your tile and restore the beauty of its first days!


When installing your tiles, it is possible that adhesive mortar may spill over one of your tiles. It is the same when you make the joints.

In this case, it is important to act quickly (before the thin-set mortar or the joint dries) otherwise it will be impossible to remove stains afterwards.

Instructions for use

1. Fill a bucket with clear water and moisten a sponge (be careful not to suck it in).

of water).

2. Then rub the glue stain.

3. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, take a clean, dry cloth and gently wipe your tile.


The installation of your tile is now complete. The mortar and joints are dry and despite having done a clean installation, you notice that your tiles are dusty or even whitish. Don't worry, this is completely normal. The traces will be easily removed with a specific product that you can find in a specialized store.


Before using a mop, it is preferable to vacuum the entire surface of your floor. The goal being at first, to remove as much dust, dirt and detritus as possible (sand, rubble, glass shards, pieces of wood, food crumbs...) that could cause, in the long run, scratches on your tiles.

Afterwards, several solutions are available to you to clean deeply and make your floor shine :

Stoneware tiles, marble tiles, terracotta or slate tiles

- For daily cleaning, use a broom and a microfiber mop* soaked in warm water.

- For a more thorough cleaning (once a week) you can pour a few drops of black soap or dishwashing liquid in your water. This will remove grease or oil stains and give it a shinier appearance.

Exterior tiling

To clean the outside tiles - on your terrace or balcony - you can use soapy water and add baking soda. Use a broom-brush and scrub vigorously to remove dirt and stains. Finally, rinse your floor with clear water.

Stainless steel tiles

Attention, if you have a stainless steel tile, its cleaning requires a little more effort. Indeed, this one gets dirty and scratched easily.

The simplest solution will be to clean your stainless steel tile with white vinegar diluted in water, then dry it with a dry microfiber mop.

For more efficiency and safety, we advise you to use a specific and professional product that you can find in our store.


*The use of a microfiber mop is recommended. Indeed, this one has more advantages compared to a traditional mop. It is more absorbent (needs little water), more environmentally friendly (machine washable at 60° and therefore reusable) and has a lipophilic property (eliminates all types of stains more effectively).

You can't get rid of some stains after reading this article. Nothing is lost. Other solutions exist!

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