Installation service

Need a professional to install your new flooring ?

At Création Parquets & Carrelages , in addition to advising you on the choice of your products, we have a team of professional and qualified installers who can support you in your work.

By calling on our professionals for the installation of your parquet or your tiling , you can also benefit from VAT reduced to 10%!

How's it going ?

1 - You choose the product (s) in line with your construction or renovation project. A salesperson establishes a first estimate to estimate the cost of the chosen products, as well as their installation.
2 - A fitter from our team then comes to your home to check the feasibility of your project, carry out a diagnosis of the existing situation and ensure the proper organization of your work (this is called the pre-visit site ).
3 - Our store then sends you a detailed order form (valid for X months) which may differ slightly from the estimate.
4 - After confirming your order (product and installation) and paying a deposit, we program together the date, duration and methods of intervention of the installer .
5 - Once the site is finished, you sign the acceptance report to check the quality and conformity of the work carried out and to certify its completion. This document allows you to trigger your guarantees (ranging from 2 to 10 years).

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